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A comprehensive overview of the facial aging process, how to conduct facial analysis in relation to dermal fillers, and the correct injection technique for different regions of the face.

This dermal fillers course covers the facial aging process and facial analysis, pertinent to dermal fillers, as well as different classifications of dermal fillers and indications and contradictions.

About The Course

Learn How to Do dermal fillers

Lastly, students will watch a series of live procedures, covering eyebrow lift, glabellar and forehead lines, nasolabial folds and marionette line corrections. These procedures also demonstrate proper injection techniques for treating hollowness under the eyes, tear trough deformity, enhancing the cheek, creating natural fuller lips, and contouring the chin and jawline.
Finally, students will learn to do lip fillers by watching a series of real-life patient interactions, created by Sadyk Fayz, PA and perform hands-on injections on model patients. This hands-on
lip injection training program provides a first-person perspective of day-to-day practice as an aesthetic practitioner.

Beso Academy training is based on years of experience in holding medical aesthetic training courses in both group and private settings. The Beso Academy Educator Advisory Council continually reviews and updates training materials to ensure attendees have the most current and relevant information in the area of aesthetics. Our educators share their wide range of knowledge and skill in performing aesthetic procedures and creating successful aesthetic
businesses with course attendees. We understand the support you need before, during, and after the training course and are available to help you successfully implement aesthetic
procedures into your office or career.

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Inexperienced practitioners will gain a comprehensive understanding of neurotoxins, while experienced injectable practitioners will be able to further enrich their existing knowledge.
Anatomy of regional facial nerve blocks
Training for dermal, fillers an injection techniques for the upper middle and lower areas of the face
How to avoid and treat filler complications
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